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A little bit about us

Pacific was founded with a vision of being a 21st century law firm in an ever-changing business landscape.

Serving individuals and businesses, we aim to deliver high-quality legal services at fixed pricing, which gives our clients peace of mind about their legal fees. Fixed prices help business clients better forecast their cashflows; for individuals, it means they can spend more of their money freely on what’s important to them.

Serving our clients well is our mission. By employing professional lawyers, embracing the latest technology and harnessing it for our clients' benefits, we aim to ensure that you receive the best legal advice at the best price.

Make the smart choice

We listen. We don't waste your time with excessive meetings. We put you first. We work smart so you can focus on doing the things you love, safe in the knowledge that your affairs are in good hands.

Don't waste your money sinking to the bottom of an over-worked lawyer's to-do list. Choose Pacific.

Image by Michael Benz